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Friday night Salsa Nights at Holy Grail

August 14, 2006

Friday night a group of us from Salsabor Canberra hit up Zen Yai restaurant for a banquet and scoped out Salsa nights at the Holy Grail in the city. Here’s a photo, thanks Liz!

And here’s one of me upset and Cromz trying to say sorry for stealing my girl! Haha

More photo’s to come when I get them off the other cameras…


USA Trizzle nizzle edition 3

August 11, 2006

Sup ya’ll, I know it’s been a long wait and you’ve all been sitting on the edge of your seats, well here it is ladies and gentleman, edition 3! Apologies to those who missed the first two editions, I didn’t have your emails. Last Tuesday night we hit up Zanzabar in waikiki. We arrived at 7:30pm to do a dance rehearsal and found the floor was a bit slippery. I wanted to wear an orange stackhat and kneepads in our performance later that night but decided against it coz Judah put us on the vip list and we were going to be hanging out in the vip lounge so we wanted to at least act cool. It was a schmick club, the amount of money that must have been spent on the interior fitout in this place is ridiculous! Marble floors, solid brass doors, brass/bronze egyption statues all throughout. The whole place was bling bling! Whoever owns it must be a millionaire many times over. Our performance went really well, Judah hosted and really knew how to talk the crowd up for us before we came on. Coupled with the fact we were performing in front of a new crowd that hadn’t seen our gig 20 times before, we walked on really confident and put on a great show. Afterwards, Dave worked his magic again and demonstrated a classic textbook example of what most of us would call a ballsed up pickup. He had all the signals… a beautiful girl approached him, flirting followed, kissing, her friends wanted to leave, she told them to go while she stays, she said she had a car and lived in a nearby apartment… Dave rejected her like a wilted flower! The question on everyone’s lips is what was Dave thinking? Was she too ugly? Was she not challenging enough? Dave says look out for the answers in the much anticipated January 2007 release of his autobiography where all will be revealed.

Wednesday morning, the taxi picked us up at 6am, we flew to LA and arrived at 4:30pm, at hotel by shuttle 5:00pm. I’m glad we lost time and arrived in the arvo coz the last couple of days has been too much and we couldn’t handle another full day without a rest and the party that night. We stayed at the Marriott, it’s pretty nice, the mexican president was staying at the same time and 200 rooms worth of crew. The miss America beauty pageant was held there at the same time too. At first us boys were stoked, so we rolled down to the lobby to meet them all, but then we spewed coz it turned out to be the ‘young’ miss america so there were all these ankle biting 12 year old monkeys! Later on, Dave and alice spotted the one that won the crown as we were sitting in the restaurant and wanted they wanted a photo. They followed her as she left the restaurant leaving their dinner to go cold on the table. After they hadn’t come back after 10 minutes, Andrea made a great call, which was Dave and Alice must be waiting for miss america to finish throwing up in the bathroom!

Wednesday night salsa party was awesome. There was 2 groups of kids performing and there was an 11 and 12 year old kid couple from chicago (i think) and they put everyone to shame, even the adults. They had everything, the attitude, the energy, the moves they were busting, their costumes, the vibe.

Thursday day was a writeoff coz we were all too tired so we slept in and didn’t stray too far from the hotel, hung at the pool and jakuzi for a while watching the seagulls which are so fat like flying chickens they look good enough to eat! I discovered a combined starbucks/krispy crème café at crowne plaza a few blocks up so relaxed there for a couple of hours. We went to a restaurant and Angie gave me a late birthday present, a reservoir dogs shirt which is just awesome! Thanks Angie! Thursday night we watched a heap of other internationals dance performances which were unreal We’ll get copies of all these on dvd in a few months when it’s produced.

Friday morning we got up and rehearsed at 11:30am, everyone was tired and had the sh1ts, I had a go at the team for being too lazy to put time into rehearsing. Everyone was saying its alright, it’ll be ok! But we had only been through our routine about 5 times in the last 2 weeks. If I had it my way, we’d have been rehearsing as a group at least 5 times a day, everyday! Friday day, we did some dance lessons, followed by the second dance party, it was a lot of fun.

Saturday morning, up at 7am to do a stage rehearsal at 8am. Panic was starting to set in and we were all very tired! Home by 10am for sleep. 2pm woke up, got ready, 3:30pm rocked up to the event, got ready, performed at 5pm. We did really well, didn’t make any mistakes and got a good response from the audience. We got a copy of our performance on Dvd and are pretty happy with it.

Saturday and Sunday night we watched more salsa performances and went to dance parties, Sunday slept most of the day and shopped late afternoon. I bought shoes and shirt. The ride home from the dance party was probably my weirdest coz the busdriver must have been on speed, he cranked up this song to the max that went ‘turn it up m97^@5#%637’ like a million times and he was rappin to it singing, bangin his head and doin westside signs with one hand while driving with the other. He missed the hilton hotel stop and didn’t realise til 10 seconds later then goes ‘oh man’ and slams on the breaks and it screeches to a halt! Everytime he changed gears the bus did a massive kangaroo hop whick makes me think its time to put a new steak in the gearbox and sell it!

Monday morning Andrea, Angie and I were up really early and caught plane to new york. We arrived at around 5pm. Andrea’s cousin David picked us up in his taxi & we rolled to jersey where we went to dinner, and then to Andreas extended family’s house which is where we are staying. It’s a very lovely family we are staying with & they are very accomodating. Everyone spe ks spanish. 2 of the brothers and 1 sister speak really good english and the other 4 or so range from ok english to basically none at all. This makes it really challenging to have a conversation (when no translator is around), but it’s a lot of fun nonetheless!

A common theme among equadorian people is that they come to places like america to make more money in order to enjoy a better standard of living. Equador has a history of corrupt politicians/government and a poor economy, which is sad because it is one of the richest countries in terms of natural resources in the world. In the past, equador’s government encouraged the equadorian people to put their money in the banks, where they promised to pay a very high rate of interest on their money – better than any other investment vehicle. Most people sold off all their assets including their homes and put their money in the banks. Within a very short time, the government stole everyones money from their bank accounts leaving ruined financial dreams and economy. Many equadorian people often cycle between living/working in america and equador every few months. They live in America where it is easier to make larger amounts of money for a few months, then goto equador for a few months.

Tuesday morning we slept in & relaxed. In the afternoon we went to the laundromat. I waited there and worked on this email while the girls got manicured & pedicured at the nail joint across the road! I should have known that they were only doing this to get out of the washing up after dinner time when they managed to talk me into copping the lot after andreas family cooked a delicious dinner for us. I was stoked when Angie discovered dunkin donuts which serves real espresso coffee only a short walk from where we’re staying. Almost all coffee across america is perculated which mostly tastes like hell. There are exceptions though as my canberra friends will know, namely maccas coffee!

Wednesday we spent the entire day shopping at jersey gardens, its one of the best shopping complexes i’ve ever been to! Most things are better than half of what you’d expect to pay in Australian stores and there’s all the genuine brand names you can think of. This place is as good as hong kong for shopping, l liked it better though coz everything is in a big quiet air conditioned mall as opposed to off the hot crowded streets. Angie, Andrea and I spent over 7 hours and a ridiculous amount of money there and still didn’t see it all. Apparently it’s got an indoor rollercoaster too but we got too tired to walk that far! We decided to catch the bus home as it only cost 2 each as opposed to 100 between us for a taxi!

The next few days we’ll probably cruise into new york and check out atlanta, i’ll give yas all an update probably in a week!

See yas round like a oreo!


Butterfly Effect Concert at Australian National University bar

August 1, 2006

On Saturday we cruised to the Butterfly Effect concert at the ANU, which is an awesome Australian rock band from Brisbane, who have toured with the likes of Killing Heidi and Grinspoon… They put on a top show for us and they hit us up with some mad beats. Check out for more info on the band. Some friends dragged me into the moshpit for a while, I haven’t done that crap since uni and I just don’t get it any more! What’s the attraction of rubbing up against a bunch of manky stinky guys and girls that are all drenched in eachothers filthy sweat? How are you supposed to enjoy a great band and their great music when you’re too busy pushing and shoving every schmuck away from you to ensure you don’t get an elbow or shoulder in the head? Sorry to all you jocktards but I’d much rather watching from a distance with a beer and friends or be leading a Givenchy perfume wearing hot latin babe like J-Lo around the dancefloor in the proper atmosphere!