Butterfly Effect Concert at Australian National University bar

August 1, 2006

On Saturday we cruised to the Butterfly Effect concert at the ANU, which is an awesome Australian rock band from Brisbane, who have toured with the likes of Killing Heidi and Grinspoon… They put on a top show for us and they hit us up with some mad beats. Check out http://www.thebutterflyeffect.com.au/ for more info on the band. Some friends dragged me into the moshpit for a while, I haven’t done that crap since uni and I just don’t get it any more! What’s the attraction of rubbing up against a bunch of manky stinky guys and girls that are all drenched in eachothers filthy sweat? How are you supposed to enjoy a great band and their great music when you’re too busy pushing and shoving every schmuck away from you to ensure you don’t get an elbow or shoulder in the head? Sorry to all you jocktards but I’d much rather watching from a distance with a beer and friends or be leading a Givenchy perfume wearing hot latin babe like J-Lo around the dancefloor in the proper atmosphere!


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