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How I got into dancing

July 18, 2006

I was initially inspired to learn Salsa when I rocked up to a Salsa party at a friend’s and there were all these people dancing – dancers from Salsabor and dancers that Salsabor had sponsored to come over from America to Australia. I had never seen anyone dance like they were before, and I was blown away. So the next day at work, I’m sitting around at my desk all day and in between coffee breaks and playing solitaire, I got to do a lot of thinking. I took a look at my life and felt like I had conquered the business world… the soccer world… there’s just one thing missing… it is time for me to conquer the dancing world! It just so happened that my indoor soccer season had finished so I made the decision to put that on hold for a while and take up dancing.

I didn’t have any experience dancing before I started Salsa… unless you count dancing for my grandma at family weddings. Since taking up dancing, it has become my biggest passions and I have tasted a few different flavours other than Salsa, including Cha cha, Hip hop and Reggaeton. My only regret in my life is that I didn’t take up dancing when I was 3 years old! One of the things I love about Salsa is that it is one of the fastest growing dances in the world. There are hundreds of Salsa schools and clubs being established in cities all over the world which means that when I am travelling overseas I can meet up and have fun with other like minded dancers.

I am currently a member of the Salsabor Dance Company Professionals dance team. All of us have become great friends and we have had a hell of a lot of fun in fulfilling our dream of performing in Los Angeles in May this year! (Stay tuned to my blog and I will give you full details soon!) Now I’m just waiting for the stars to realign with the planets and I will have more time to pursue my ultimate dream of dancing with J-Lo in one of her upcoming music videos!


Welcome to my world

July 17, 2006

This blog is about my passion.

Dancing, a Passion for Dancing.

Welcome to my world.